Roz Stone Morris
Upcoming solo show at Two Rams Gallery May 18th
I'm pleased to present a solo show and performance of my work May 18th from 6-9 pm at Two Rams Gallery in NYC. The work is based on a story that took me 13 years to finish writing. It is a tale of moonshine, myth and magic.
Upcoming solo show at Two Rams Gallery May 18th
I'm pleased to present a solo show and performance of my work May 18th from 6-9 pm at Two Rams Gallery in NYC. The work is based on a story that took me 13 years to finish writing. It is a tale of moonshine, myth and magic.
The Exquisite Corpse Project featured in the Wall Street Journal
Bringing a Corpse to Life

On Thursday night, as New York Fashion Week kicks off uptown at Lincoln Center, supermodel Arizona Muse will be hosting a party at the old Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side.

But if you ask the event's organizers, they'd rather you focus on the art.

The party is an opening for the Exquisite Corpse Project, a weeklong event produced by the new creative collective FAM NYC. The show takes its form, as well as its title, from the Surrealist parlor game in which a series of artists builds on one another's work to create a whole figure. For this project, artists have drawn and painted heads, torsos and lower bodies in various styles on wooden panels, which will be installed throughout the raw former market space.

"I really like that we're art-focused during Fashion Week," said Duncan Winecoff, one of three core members in FAM NYC, whose name refers to its mission to explore the overlap of fashion, art and music. "It helps shed light on the fact that the whole community of New York doesn't have to get so pulled into Fashion Week. There are other things going on."

FAM NYC's initial intention was to plan a month of programming at the old Essex Street Market space as a coming-out event and a step forward from the other multidisciplinary projects and initiatives currently in the city, like VICE's Creators Project and Gen Art, according to member Travis A. McMichael III. FAM NYC, he said, was inspired during a visit last fall, with FAM NYC members Mr. Winecoff and Sam Campodonico-Ludwig, to a weekend of Creators Project events in Brooklyn.

"We went out there together, had a great time, and we sort of had this inkling that, personally, we said we could do it better," Mr. McMichael said. "But we also said, what's the white space opportunity here that's not being serviced that directly relates to us?"

Working on a short timeline, the original idea for a month of programming was whittled down to a week, and the focus on art stemming from the "exquisite corpse" concept—an idea conceived by Marina T. Schindler, who was brought on board as the project's creative director—began to develop.

Despite the art-centric program, though, the group's fashion impulses will still be on display, mainly in the form of the opening party with Ms. Muse, as well as private fashion presentations and parties planned at the space until Feb. 16, when the art work will come down and Fashion Week closes uptown. (The group declined to say what other institutions or fashion labels would be involved in the private events.)

Enlarge Image

Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal
FAM NYC members Sam Campodonico-Ludwig, Duncan Winecoff, Travis A. McMichael III and creative director Marina T. Schindler with Exquisite Corpse pieces at the old Essex Street Market.

Mr. McMichael said future FAM NYC projects will be more focused on music and fashion, and more global. There are plans for an event tied to the West Coast music festival Coachella in the spring, he said, and for another New York Fashion Week-pegged outing this fall.

"It's not about the scale of this, it's about the quality," Mr. McMichael said. "[This project] synthesized what we needed to accomplish this first time out because as we got a month and a half, two months into this process, and we dealt with the city and went through all those hurdles and whatnot, we were like, you know what, we're going to do this again. This is not going to be a one-time thing. FAM NYC is really FAM wherever."

For now, the organizers say, their sights are homed on the exquisite corpses, which will be auctioned off at the project's end to benefit ART START, a nonprofit that brings art programming to children in homeless shelters. Participating artists range from the emerging to the more established, including Fawad Khan, Dustin Yellin, Kirsten Deirup and Ross Bleckner.

Media and style also vary widely: Jordan Wolfson's panel features a printed photograph of a bed with Mickey Mouse sheets, with a body roughly drawn on top; Vadis Turner, known for her textile work, covered her panel in ribbons.

"We've got young and old artists, everyone's in different parts of their career. It's a very relevant show, and that's what excites me about it," said artist Alex Eagleton, who was part of the art-selection committee for the project (along with Alix Frey, the director of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, and Kyle DeWoody, the co-founder of art/design shop Grey Area) and also contributed a panel. "And I think it's interesting that it just pops up in a giant warehouse in the Lower East Side."

The building has been out of use as a market since 1994, when the New York City Economic Development Corporation consolidated multiple Essex Street Market vendors into one building, its current home up the block. Over the years, the old space has become a chic rental for art installations and events.

"It's a nice opportunity, in the middle of Manhattan, to have all this space and to invite all these artists to come and do whatever they want," Mr. Eagleton said. "It's a refreshing approach to a strictly curated show."

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A version of this article appeared Feb. 8, 2012, on page A17 in some U.S. editions of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Bringing a Corpse to Life.
The Exquisite Corpse Project in Art Log
Fashion Week's Exquisite Corpses
Mallory Passuite

The Exquisite Corpse Project (installation view)
FAM NYC, a new creative collective, launched the Exquisite Corpse Project last week with an opening exhibition at the old Essex Street Market in the Lower East Side.

A nod to the Surrealist parlor game of the 1920s, Exquisite Corpse presents a blind collaboration between thirty-three New York artists, including Dustin Yellin, John Gordon Gauld, Sarah Kurz, and Alex Eagleton, who was also part of the project selection committee (along with Grey Area’s Kyle DeWoody and Alix Frey of Jonathan LeVine Gallery). Assigned to envision the top, middle, or bottom of a corpse, each artist created their own interpretation on 3×4 wood panels. Results ranged from literal—like the clean, cold portrait of feet that dangled ominously above the floor—to abstract, like the bright, green, geometric middle.

As its opening date coincided conveniently with the start of fashion week in New York, the art-focused endeavor has several fashion ties: model Arizona Muse hosted last night’s launch party, former Black Book Fashion Editor Marina T. Schindler is the project’s Creative Director, and its space will welcome several private fashion week presentations and parties throughout the weeklong residency.

The exhibition will remain on view through Thursday the 16th, after which the art will be auctioned to benefit Art Start, a nonprofit providing art therapy to at-risk youth.

Group show Featured in Art Log
GREY AREA's Very Important Piece

Installation View at GREY AREA's SoHo Showroom
Our collaborators at GREY AREA officially opened a new SoHo showroom last night with an Armory Week project called VIP Art Badge. Creative Director Kyle DeWoody said, “redefining VIP to mean ‘Very Important Piece,’ we invited over fifty incredible artists to create works replacing the traditional VIP pass. It will not function to get anyone in anywhere, but rather to remind people why they’re here in the first place, the art.”

The VIP Badges are all original, signed pieces of art hung on a wall with the artists names hidden. Artists include Dustin Yellin, José Parlá, Nir Hod, Nancy Lorenz, and Spencer Tunick. They are each priced at $100 with the exception of two limited editions made by Tim Biskup and Hank Willis Thomas. Hank Willis Thomas, who currently has the exhibition Question Bridge: Black Males on view at the Brooklyn Museum, transformed the famous civil rights slogan “I AM A MAN” to “I AM. AMEN.” The “I am a man” slogan recently appeared on Libyan protest signs in its arabic translation, “Ana Rajul.” Thomas Friedman noted in the New York Times that, “If there is one sign that sums up the whole Arab uprising, it’s that one.”

VIP Art Badges by Tim Biskup and Hank Willis Thomas
Grey Area unveiled hundreds of new art objects and jewelry from a variety of artists showing across Armory Week, including Orly Genger, Martin Oppel, Michael St. John, Kent Henricksen, and Carolyn Salas. Grey Area also launched a brand new collaboration with Daniel Arsham and Snarkitecture entitled Shelve, a functional set of wall shelves made of lacquered wood, fiberglass, and EPS.

Installation view of art objects on Snarkitecture’s Shelve
The VIP Art Badge artists include: Adriana Atema, Aaron Krauch, Alex Da Corte, Alex Massouras, Andrea Mary Marshall, Anne Koch, Bert Rodriguez, Carlton DeWoody, Chris Dorland, Christopher Milne, Dana Funaro, Don Doe, Don Dudley, Dustin Yellin, Elisabeth Koch, Elissa Goldstone, Fawad Khan, Garrett Pruter, Hal Hirshorn, Hank Willis Thomas, James DeWoody, Jana Leo, Jill Greenberg, John Gordon Gauld, John Wells, Jose Parla, Kathy Rudin, Kent Henricksen, Kim McCartey, Laura Ball, Megan Whitmarsh, Meghan Boody, Michael Genovese, Miky Fabrega, Nancy Natalia Brown, Nancy Lorenz, Nelson Hallonquist, Nic Rad, Nir Hod, Panni Malekzadeh, Phillip Estlund, Rachel Rossin, Roz Morris, Sarah Kurz, Shelter Serra, Shirley Irons, Spencer Tunick, Tatyana Murray, Tim Biskup, Tim Liddy, and Vadis Turner.

GREY AREA’s showroom is open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-6:00 p.m. and is located at 547 Broadway, 2nd Floor (between Prince and Spring).
Upcoming Valentines Day group show at RH Gallery!
Upcoming show at Rh gallery in nyc to help raise money for the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Curated by Fool's Gold and RH gallery.
Chair in the Grey Area show room!
The chair titled "Motivating the Unmarried Flower"is now being shown at the new Grey Area showroom in Soho!
The Exquisite Corpse Project
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Upcoming show: SlideLuck Potshow Auction
Wednesday November 9th, 2011 at 6:30PM
Sandbox Studio 121 Varick St. NYC

Live and Silent Auction

Opening at the Catskills Art Society
There will be an opening at The Catskill Arts Society on October 16th, 2010 in Livingston Manor, New York. An installation, performance and photos will be debuted.
Mystery Tour Opening at Tompkins Square Park Gallery at NYPL
Opening reception September 11th from 2-4:30.
I'll be creating a installation that is a large "forgettery".